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Do your present traffic order making arrangements: -
  • Allow you to simply provide a copy of the Committee Report and a set of plans from which the Traffic Order is drafted - without you having to prepare detailed instructions or schedules?
  • Normally supply you with draft Orders and Notices within the following time scales:-
    • 7 days - Temporary Orders, Special Events, etc ?
    • 14 days - Ordinary Orders [waiting restrictions, etc] ?
    • 28 days - Complex Orders [Controlled Parking Zones, etc] ?
  • Provide you with professionally drafted Orders, without fear of legal challenge [as opposed to Orders drafted by bolting together paragraphs copied from existing Orders] ?
  • Inform you in everyday language of legal procedures and advise you if any of your proposals can be simplified or improved ?
  • Provide coverage in the event of sickness or leave ?
  • Normally cost you more than £30 per hour [including on-costs] ?


If you have answered YES to all the questions above, please CLICK HERE
If you have answered NO to any of the questions above, please CLICK HERE